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FOX News
Oct 4, 2012 11:00am EDT
.-mexico line. ivie was killed the other two wounded. this is well-known for drug smuggling going on. they were responding to a tripped motion detector early tuesday morning when someone started shooting at them. they say the drug smugglers have the upper hand. >> they have an advantage in many cases, they are there, we are entering an area and they can easily ambush or flank our movements and they flee. >> agent ivie's body was transported to a local funeral home in arizona. an honor guard will stand watch over his body until burial. >> we just stood here in silence, you know, trying to show our respects and give him the respect that he d deserved. >> pay our respects. let the family know we care. >> i'm a little shaky, i'm emotional over this. it really did not need to happen. >> reporter: agent nicholas ivie was only 30 years old. he joined the force in 2008. he leaves behind a wife and two young daughters. as we learn more about this case we'll pass it along. back to you. jenna: rick, thank you. jon: a lot of folks who watched last night's debate are saying that it appeared to be
FOX News
Oct 2, 2012 8:00am PDT
breaking the law by being here, he could have gone to mexico arguably? >> he could have come back here and tried to get u.s. citizenship the right way, and then i would have no problem with this. the problem is we do, you know, all lawyer jokes aside, we really do try to hold our lawyers to a will hitting bit of a high regard in this country, that you are abiding by the law, that you are going to obey the law. if a climate is coming to me -- a client is coming to me and i'm looking at a lawyer that broke the law, isn't that a double standard? gregg: yeah. executive order essentially granting deferred action which means a guy like this can't be deported. he applied for a work permit but, esther, that's only a temporary work permit. a license to practice is permanent. therein is a big difference. >> no. the license to practice is a privilege, it's not a right. it can be taken away from you at any point if you violate or continue to violate the law. i would say, and i think you all are overstepping in saying that you have to be a perfect human being in order to be a lawyer. >> no. >> clearly,
FOX News
Oct 3, 2012 11:00am EDT
report on the shooting of a u.s. government vehicle in mexico city. were corrupt mexican police officers purposely targeting american officials? all of that and breaking news the second hour of "happening now" starts right now. >> reporter: one race, two candidates, three debates and the night everyone has been waiting for. i'm gregg jarrett in for jon scott. jenna: the night is finally here. i'm jenna leave. welcome to the second hour of "happening now." now is certainly a big night. the president and governor romney face-to-face for the first time on stage with an estimated 60 million americans watching, just about the same amount that is watching us right now. >> reporter: a little shy of that. jenna: a little shy of that. most voters have already made up their minds. the candidates are out to win over a shrinking number of undecideds. the key for president obama to sit out his narrow lead without a mishap while governor romney apparently needs to shakeup the rape. we'll see what our fox news political analyst brit hume thinks about that. what are you watching for in the deba
FOX News
Oct 1, 2012 8:00am PDT
damaging information the fatalities in mexico, a secret. with univision's help we were able to something we knew, the serial numbers of guns to something we didn't a crime in mexico. to put a face on one of america's most embarrassing political scandals. a home covered in blood after gang members kill, 16, many teenagers at a birthday party in juarez mexico. many use in the massacre traced to "fast and furious". >> they are waiting for an answer. they want to know what happened and why they didn't stop these guns from leaving the united states and ending up in this, in these crimes. >> reporter: spanish language network univision and fox news obtained a list of 100,000 weapons recovered in mexico and compared of the serial numbers with the 2,000 guns sold in "fast and furious." nearly two dozen matched, connectings untold number of injuries and fatalities to the u.s. program. this woman lost two sons to "fast and furious" guns. >> they feel helpless. they don't know what to do. we interview one of them and they say, who is going to pay for this? >> reporter: it could be the u.s. government,
FOX News
Oct 9, 2012 11:00am EDT
. jon: new arrest in a murder on the u.s.-mexico border. texas couple, david and tiffany hartley went jet-sking on falcon lake which straddles the border just over two years ago. they were out checking out church ruins submerged, half submerged on the mexican side of the lake. tiffany says pirates in three small boats started chasing them, shooting her husband in the head and gunning for her until she made it back to land. mexican police have been searching for the mysterious killers for two years. now they have made an arrest. this man, a drug cartel leader, who goes by the nickname of, squirrel. joining us on the phone the sheriff of zapata county, texas. is this a guy you have heard of? has he been on your radar, sheriff gonzalez? >> honestly know. we identified five individuals that had something to do with the killing of david that are low level i guess you could say. also an immediate yacht supervisor that gave orders to kill tiffany also. this individual is someone new to us. we were not aware he had any involvement. of course he is higher ranking i guess you could say in the c
FOX News
Oct 18, 2012 8:00am PDT
mexico tells parents there's another reason for the ban, she doesn't like those red fingerprints, so no cheetos for you. jon: i'm addicted to lots of snack foods. jenna: they're getting a bad wrap. jon: i think some of those folks need more to work on. >>> the reaction of the arrest of a bangladeshi man accused of trying to blow up the federal reserve in new york city. we'll hear from someone who says he's acquainted with this suspect. -- joint operation center in downtown manhattan. the suspect was followed by a surveillance team, also an arrest team with the fbi, tracking 21-year-old quazi mohammad nafis from his home in queens to a warehouse on long island where he loaded a van with 20, 50-pound bags of ammonium nitrate. put it in trash cans, covered it with a tarp and headed downtown to the federal reserve bank with a fbi agent along for the ride, attaching the dead naturer to the bomb and parking the van in front of the federal reserve bank and going with this undercover officer to a room at the millennium hotel why he allegedly recorded a video where he said, quote we will not
FOX News
Oct 15, 2012 11:00am EDT
to that energy a just released u.s. chamber of commerce report says mexico tops that international list, followed by the british, norway, new zealand, denmark, australia, and then the united states. behind us, canada, germany, and others including russia and china the united states is the second largest energy consumer in the world though, in 2010 produced more oil, quote and natural gas than any other country minus saudi arabia. there are other energy challenges impossible to forecast like natural disasters, wars and refinery outages that could dramatically restrict the country's access to energy it needs. the report says the united states is heading in the right direction modestly. the primary reason for optimism? natural gas. jon: so, all right. sorry, rich edson. we'll have to say good-bye. rich, thank you. >> reporter: sure. jenna: right now a pretrial hearings underway for five men charged in the september 11th attack. both sides arguing whether constitutional protections extend to the suspectsing including khalid shaikh mohammed the self-processed mastermind of the attacks.
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)